Hello world!

Hmmm…a little about myself. I’m no extraordinary person. Just your plain ol normal everyday blue collar working kinda guy. I’ve worked in the construction and gas field ever since I was 18 years old. Tough job but interesting and fun to say the least.

Hobbies and interests…I absolutely love baseball. Football would be my number two favorite. I love to read in my spare time. Love photography (just an amateur though). I love to write but I’m pretty sure theirs not another person out there that suffers writer’s block as much as me lol. I mean, I get these great ideas at work but just as soon as I get a free moment to jot them down they just don’t sound interesting anymore. I love music of all kinds. Matter of fact on my iPod you’ll find anything from Beethoven to Rob Zombie. Classical to metal and everything in between. Something else I just recently discovered I love to do is research. One particular subject I like to research is cancer and possible cures for cancer.
So basically that’s me in a nutshell. And that’s pretty much what I plan on writing about…and occasionally I’ll write about some random thought that enters my mind. Feel free to like, dislike, comment, criticize…whatever floats your boat.


About chuggathought

Just an ordinary blue collar guy that's full of thoughts and ideas. Current college student, majoring in Information Systems Technology (programming). I'm set to graduate in May of 2016. Love baseball, football, odd ball facts and figures, photography, music, researching/reading about alternative cancer cures. Was once engaged to the most beautiful woman I've ever known.
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