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Over the past couple of years I’ve done some research on cancer, cancer treatments, methods, alternative treatments, cancer prevention, and just about anything that has the word cancer in it. I have done more reading in the past two years than I have done in the last decade. This is not extensive research. Extensive research should be done by someone more qualified than myself. What I am about to say are mostly opinions that I have drawn over the past two years. These aren’t FDA approved opinions. These aren’t USDA approved opinions. And I’m 100% sure that pharmaceutical companies won’t be endorsing me anytime soon. And to be honest, these opinions could possibly step on the toes of a lot of people including, but not limited to, the FDA, Pharmaceutical companies, American Cancer Society, American Medical Association, upper class people, middle class people or lower class people.

Right off the top of my head I can count six people that I know personally that have fought cancer. Four of those people, unfortunately, have passed away from the cancer and/or it’s complications. Four family members of mine. But I never really started researching until a couple of years ago when someone that I love more than my own life was diagnosed. This person was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and without a stem cell transplant had only months to live. That person’s story deserves it’s own dedicated post, which I plan on doing at a later date. I can honestly say that if this person knew then what they know now they would have chosen different options and said to hell with conventional treatments. But I will say that after 19 months this person is still fighting, still with us thank God.

My research started when I stumbled across an article that stated “radiation DOES NOT kill the cancer. It only shrinks the cancer/tumor and some people develop new cancer from the radiation treatments.” Immediately I’m thinking to myself, “What??’” How is a person expected to live and fight cancer if the treatment itself causes cancer? I mean, all of us were taught at an early age about the dangers of radiation (this might be a myth but my parents always made me sit at least six feet away from the TV because it had radiation inside). But we learned about radiation in school. Nuclear wars, radiation from the sun, comic books. But it never occurred to me that radiation to treat cancer was dangerous. I feel stupid for saying this but I guess I thought of it as “safe radiation” or maybe “good radiation”. I didn’t know any better. So that was the first gut wrenching discovery I made.

That discovery lead me to another discovery. According to a article, mammograms also cause cancer (I’m referencing CBS because it’s a mainstream media outlet. I’ve found that the majority of people don’t believe any news unless it’s reported by the mainstream media.) Again, something that’s supposed to be helping people is causing more harm than good.

My mind wanders a lot when I read earth shattering news like that. And it got me to wondering, are there any other treatments or precautions we can take to fight and prevent cancer?

I accidentally found an article from researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center. For those of you that don’t know, MD Anderson Cancer Center is a top of the line cancer treatment facility. Very well respected facility. Their researchers there found that turmeric is very effective in fighting not one but several different types of cancer. But if you’re like the majority of Americans, you probably didn’t hear that from the mainstream media because it wasn’t reported. Like I stated earlier, I came across the article by accident.

So why is this information so hard to find? Why isn’t it more readily available? If you google  “cancer treatments” you will find a wealth of information about the drugs, chemotherapy, and radiation (conventional treatments) but not much of anything on turmeric. Or the cancer fighting abilities of grapes, blueberries, kale, and  many other fruits and vegetables. Or the alternative treatments.

Why? One possible reason is this, and it’s another one of those gut wrenching discoveries: Doctors themselves aren’t trained in nutrition, healthy diets and such. I have read two different articles stating that out of seven years of medical school, doctors only have 10 hours of nutrition classes. Seven years, five days per week equals 1820 days. Out of those 1820 days, only 10 hours are devoted to nutrition??? That’s absolutely crazy! I didn’t want to believe that. And I didn’t until a head nurse reassured me, “Yes, that sounds about right, give or take.” This head nurse is taking classes to be a family nurse practitioner by the way so if anyone should know it would be her. I asked her out of disbelief, “Why???” We then got into a lengthy conversation about it. I did most of the talking and asked a few questions. One of the questions I asked was, “For thousands of years mankind had no synthetic drugs to treat ailments, sickness, diseases. They relied on spices, herbs, and such. All natural treatments. So why do we need drugs now?” The only thing she could muster up was, “I honestly don’t know. I have no answer for that and I’m sorry.”

Before I keep typing, let me make one thing clear. I am not picking on doctors or nurses or anything else of that nature. I truly believe that most doctors and nurses enter the medical field with high hopes of helping people. It’s not their fault that they aren’t trained in nutrition. In many cases the medical schools don’t offer any type nutrition classes. And for that I blame the American Medical Association. It is the AMA’s job to educate doctors. 10 hours of nutrition in seven years? That simply isn’t acceptable. From day one a med school student learns about every possible drug available and every possible surgical procedure known to man. They are taught that drugs will cure anything (even though they cause a ton of other problems in the process). So there’s one possible reason. They aren’t curing anything using nutrition (alternative methods) because they haven’t been trained in nutrition.

Here is a link to back up my last two paragraphs. This link states most of the med school students only receive 19.6 hours of nutrition education. But I’m sticking with the 10 hour claim for the simple fact that a head nurse said that was a fair estimate. Either way, 19.6 hours is simply not enough. The AMA should require at the very least one day per week of nutrition education.

Again, why is it so hard to find information about alternative treatments?

Reason number two: Maybe alternative treatments knock the government out of billions of dollars per year? Let’s look at something here. For example purposes only, let’s say conventional cancer treatment has a success rate of 50%. And let’s say turmeric mixed with a little ginger and honey also has a success rate of 50%. Conventional therapy costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. For $50 you can buy enough turmeric, ginger, and honey to last for two months. The government can’t make much money off $50 so naturally, like any business, they want you to spend big money. The more you spend the more they make. Cancer medication and treatments are astronomically priced. So high in fact that doctors from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center protested against using a new cancer drug called Zaltrap, which is priced at $11,063 just for a one month supply. There’s no way possible that the majority of Americans can afford that. But we are lead to believe that we have to pay that price or die. So, looking at healthcare as a business instead of healthcare, I can see a motive.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food-Hippocrates

Hippocrates’ advice worked for centuries but in this day and age we are discouraged from practicing his style of medicine. If it worked for centuries why can’t it work today? We are continuously bombarded with news and advertisements about the latest “miracle drug”. We are ridiculed, made fun of, and labeled as “quacks” for even thinking about the idea of good clean food, spices, and herbs healing  people. We are told that food as a medicine won’t work.

But what if they did work?

In these last two years, I have read quite a bit about three people who claimed to have cured many people of cancer by using food, herbs, and spices. Max Gerson, Harry Hoxsey, and Rene Caisse.

Gerson and Hoxsey were certified as quacks by the AMA and the American Cancer Society. Rene Caisse  (who did her work in Canada) was certified as a quack by the Canadian Medical Association and Canadian Cancer Committee. All three of these people were accused of lying and misleading the public with false claims of a cure. These three people had records, witnesses, and hundreds of patients to help back up their claims but the associations refused to hear their testimonials. But at the same time, behind closed doors those same associations were trying to buy the formulas for these “failed” cures. Why would they want to buy something that doesn’t work?

But anyways…that’s about all I have to say. I just get so upset when I look on my Facebook and on the news and see so many kids suffering from cancer. And seeing so many loved ones die from cancer while we wait for the “professionals” to come up with a cure. I know it sounds cliché but we have been putting men on the moon for decades yet have no cure for cancer. Every year it’s the same outcome…”Oh we are almost there. A cure is right around the corner.”

Do I know for sure that food and alternative treatments work? I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’ve never had cancer, thank God, and haven’t had any reason to try conventional or alternative treatments. But if I did get cancer the first thing I would try is the alternative way, good clean food, herbs, and spices. And I can tell you that I have extremely little confidence in conventional treatments.

Here are a few numbers to chew on. Remember the six family members I have? The four that unfortunately passed away? That’s 4 out of 6 cases using conventional therapy. That comes up to be  0.66666667%. Rounded off that’s a 67% FAILURE rate. Another number to chew on is $13, 677,800,000. That’s the amount in sales for the top 10 cancer drugs. That’s over $13 and a half BILLION dollars from only 10 drugs. Five of those 10 drugs are made by the same company, Genentech.

This article isn’t intended to persuade or dissuade. But I would look like to encourage you to do some research on your own. At the bottom of this article I included a documentary called “Cancer-The Forbidden Cures”. It’s about an hour and a half long and probably the most informative video I have ever found concerning the persecuting and ridicule of alternative methods and cures. I would like to add one last thing. Max Gerson is labeled a quack. This same quack warned about the dangers of cigarette smoking way back in the 1920’s, which at the time was also deemed quackery. And another man that was accused of quackery on several different occasions invented something the whole world uses every day. That man is Louis Pasteur (about 3/4ths of the way down the page you’ll find him listed as a quack), the same one that invented the pasteurization process that keeps our milk and beer from spoiling. That’s straight out of Wikipedia by the way. Again, I urge you to research at least a little and come up with your own conclusions and thoughts. ©


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